Killllller new Gretsch Signature Snare / Interview


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Gretsch has released a WONDERFUL SOUNDING new Ash Soan signature snare drum - it's a 7x12 Purpleheart snare that sounds and look fantastic.


Their write up:
Ash Soan is one of today’s most in-demand drummers, so Gretsch was super excited to work with him creating this amazing signature snare drum. Ash’s super eclectic work calls for a snare of unparalleled versatility… and that is precisely what this is. Working at his historic Windmill Recording Studio there are a variety of sonic goals and this unique drum provides everything he needs to meet the needs of his clients. This 12” Purpleheart snare drum has already been heard on several recordings and Instagram videos and many drummers have asked him about it. Well, now you can have this exact sound for yourself. We are proud to introduce the Ash Soan Signature Snare Drum.

This breakthrough drum starts with a 9-ply 7x12” Purpleheart shell finished in clear gloss lacquer. Its double 45 degree bearing edges significantly increase the attack, creating an ultra-cutting crack. Additional features based on Ash’s specs include our 4mm Die Cast hoops and our classic Lightning throw-off. Each snare has an inside identification label specifying the year of production and each is signed by Ash himself.

- 9-Ply 7x12" Purpleheart shell
- Double 45 degree bearing edges
- 4mm Die Cast hoops
- Lightning throw-off and butt plate
- Inside label signed by Ash Soan

We had Ash Soan on The Gretsch Afternoon Drum break this friday and he talks about that and his amazing career. Check it out here:

I'll probably pre-order one of these bad boys later today as I'm a huge fan of smaller diameter, deeper drums at medium and high tunings and this guy is CRISPPPPPPP with some muffling.

Loving seeing Gretsch have some funky new sounds!
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I really like that a lot. I've been wanting a 12" or 10" snare.

Yea I think it's great - the die cast hoops and the wood give it a wonderfully sharp sound.

I have a 7X13 snare that I love - but it's made from Cherry and it's 3ply so it tends to land at a lower pitch with a good amount of sustain - The Gretsch is kind of the opposite.


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I have a 9x13 maple but I really miss and regret selling off my Tama Bruford 10" for no good reason. I do have a thing for purple heart. Do you know what this drum is gonna sell for by chance?


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I have a 9x13 maple but I really miss and regret selling off my Tama Bruford 10" for no good reason. I do have a thing for purple heart. Do you know what this drum is gonna sell for by chance?

Oh it's not cheap haha:


(Or $36 a month for 24 months at Sweetwater hahaha)


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It's a nice sounding drum. Have heard it for a long while on Ash's social media channels (as he's used the prototype for a couple years, or so)

Retails even closer to £1,000 over here so you'd need to have deep pockets to offord it but it certainly looks an interesting drum to have in your arsenal.

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It's an effects snare. Hard to use with brushes not enough real estate on the head. Very specialized niche not many players can use as their regular snare. If one could afford an $800 effects snare go for it.

Some Sakae 12" snares are still available for about half that price.


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Learned two things from this video:

1. I really want Ambassadors all around instead of just the snare

2. That's a great sounding snare if you like super cranked heads and small diameter

3. If I didn't like that, I'm just never going to like small diameter snares with super cranked heads, no matter how great the player is


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While I welcome this snare I do wish they’d made it more accessible. I played around with a Pearl Soprano donkeys years ago and always loved the size and sound (I may try and find a used one instead in the classic liquid amber). Considering most people would regard it as an auxiliary snare or a bit of fun option, £950 is way over the top. I might have talked myself into it sub £550. Nevertheless, I do hope this is the start of Gretsch launching more smaller diameter snares which are lacking in their lineup, I’d love to see more wood 13s.


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This looks like a cool snare drum . Would I buy one ? Probably not , but then I am in purge and steady state mode till gigs start up regularly again.


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I mean no disrespect to anyone but I can't see a 12" snare as a main snare drum for one, and for two I'm not sure I hear anything particularly special in that sound. I'm sure there are some nuances missing from listening to a YouTube video but all effects snares kinda sound the same to me, and kinda one-dimensional too. Factoring in the price and it is clear I'm not the target audience for this drum...


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I'm a 13 fan but very picky at that. I gave this 12 a good listen. A wee bit poppy for my taste plus die-cast on a 12 further pushes it into the poppysphere. Cute little guy though.