Kick port hole protective rings


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I have an Evans EMAD res head missing the protective/damping ring for the port hole. I don't see an OEM part available. Which one(s) should I buy?

Bo Eder

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Remo makes this cool ring you could apply to the head and it’s tough enough to use as template to cut a hole. You might try that, but I don’t know if the homes are the same size.

do you really need the protection though?

Vintage Old School

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Another Bass Drum O's happy customer. I have a 2" port on all my bass drum heads to feed an audio jumper cable to internal microphones.

They can be a bit finicky installing the inner and outer pieces together, but once they're installed they're locked in place.


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Those O's look okay but I don't see any with a 5" diameter.
Gibraltar has a 5" and the product is almost identical. I'll try one of them out.