Kick pedal heel plate won't lay flat when attached to bass drum.


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From the picture you sent, it looks as if the claw of the pedal isn't engaged enough on the hoop and could be tighten way more.
I have these "heel up effect" (but not as dramatic) with my Tama pedal when I use the Pearl floor Tom conversion and when I play my Arbiter Flats. But they aren't normal hoops, just thin plates and the pedal is still usable, still I prefer pedal without stab plate for they align themselves, in a way.
The Morrisman solution is anyway the better, get a thin piece of wood, it'll help you to get it more parallel and will protect the hoop as well.


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Yea, it's the carpet and padding under. Happens at a buddies house too... You might need to lay down a wood flat or make a small platform as we did.


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I played with every conceivable kick angle to no avail. Heel is still WAY up in the air & has a left lean. I even played with moving the pedal left & right on the hoop.

Maybe the pedal mount is bad?