Kick drum protector O-rings


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I'll be getting the protector rings for cutting out holes in the resonance heads of my kick drums for the first time. There seems to be several options of sizes: 4", 5", 6". I want to keep the hole as minimal as possible to get the most low end. Will most kick mic's fit into the 4" hole size?


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Larger kick mics like a Beta 52 most likely won’t fit through a 4” hole. But they don’t necessarily have to fit all the way through. I’ve often miced the kick in a way where the mic sits at the surface of the port hole facing toward the beater. If you mic it like that, a 4” hole should be fine.

C.M. Jones

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I like 5" or 5.5" ports. They enable me to adjust internal muffling without removing the resonant head or risking damage to it. As long as you remain under 7", I doubt you'll compromise low-end dramatically.


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I have a 4 inch port and a B-52. It was difficult to get the mic inside the drum but it was possible. Recently I started running my mic about an inch to 2 inches away from the port And I’m getting a deeper more resonant sound. We just ordered a new band logo head and since I’m running my mic outside of the drum I went my 3 1/2 inch hole