Kick drum problems


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hi. i'm a new fairly new drummer, i've been playing for about 5 months and play alot of rock and metal. for the most part im progressing really well, but there is one reoccuring problem that is really making me mad. when i play faster kick drum beats, i find myself stuttering and not being able to press down all the way, and the pedal never hits the drum. its weird because some days ill be able to play those beats for the most part, and another day i have so much trouble being able to get it to connect. i tried tightening the spring on my kick pedal, but it cant be tightened anymore than the setting it came as. right now i have a PDP PDDP402 double bass drum pedal. any tips on how to fix this?

for the most part i play with my heel up but my toe is all the way at the top of the pedal.

Here is a video of my problem as well :

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Five months isn't much time behind a kit, especially when you're attempting to develop all limbs at once -- presuming you didn't start with rudiments on a pad but rather jumped right into the demands of a full drum set. Getting "mad" isn't helping matters, as you're probably starting to associate your bass pedal with frustration. Relax and give yourself time to take it all in. I worked on a pad for almost two years before I ever sat behind a drum set. Drumming requires very complex motions. You're asking a lot of yourself in a very short time. Don't expect your technique to flourish over night.


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Just keep playing. If you need to slow down a little to play it right then do it. Play it right first and foremost. Enjoy the what you can do now because you‘ll get better with time. 5 months is nothing. I’ve been playing 50yr and not nearly as good as I’d like to be but I enjoy what I can do while I’m trying to get better. Enjoy the ride.


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Trying using your ankle more. From your video, it looks like you're using every muscle in your leg except for your ankle. Using your upper leg is ok for slower, heavier stuff, but usually not for faster tempos. At faster tempos, you should be using little of your upper leg, and mostly your ankle.

Keep in mind, using your ankle doesn't mean playing from your toes, which is what it looks like you're also doing. Sure, play with your toes, but not from them. Try using your calf muscle (ie. contract your calf) - and develop that - to get your foot to pivot at the ankle and play the pedal.


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Great suggestions here! The core is practice, practice, practice... you can't do a marathon without working out and building op endurance, stamina etc.
Although drumming is (generally) less demanding than running a marathon, it still takes practice and patience.
When i started out i had problems with the bass drum part in Beasty Boys - Fight For Your Right (To Party). Took me quite some time to nail the 2nd bass drum note on 3e but after playing it slow and speeding up i finally 'mastered' it.