Kick Drum modification


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I just got my bass drum back from Jerry's Drum Surgical Suite (his garage) so my former 22x18 is now a 22x14.

I just had my first rehearsal with it last night and thought I'd submit a full report on what my impressions were of taking that extra depth away with all other things being equal (since they literally were in this case - heads and all).

Right off I noticed that the drum was less boomy and the attack more focused.

It was easier to play because the action off the head was more immediate.

Most of all, the sound of it when really laid into, as when hitting with a crash, was really snappy. I think on a deeper kick, that extra effort on a loud hit gets more swallowed up whereas on a shallower kick the sound gets punchier and richer.

I'll also say that I was worried at first about losing volume. I don't know if it was real or perceived, but I could swear that it is louder at the shorter depth. Maybe less shell mass is more excitable or maybe it was just that the sound is so much more focused. Either way, it was a lot more fun to play on than it has been for the last 10 years.

So there you have it - my measly $0.02.


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Very interesting Mike. I've had some really deep kick drums in the past. I'd agree that the deeper kick loses focus and attack, but gains in sub frequencies. The subs aren't much use though unless you're doing high end recording. They're completely lost live, even with a big PA. As for volume, that's a really interesting observation. Maybe the volume of the attack is giving a sense of overall volume increase. Who knows! What was the difference in sustain, if any?


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Jerry's Drum Surgical Suite (his garage)

That's awesome haha!

It's great you like your bass drum better. After 10 years, it's nice to have something different too.

I have a few 26" bass drums in different depths (16-18-20), and I like them all "playing" them. For "on stage visual" I like the 20" depth.
It plays and sounds great though PA's in small venues or huge outdoor sheds.
But each has it's own coolness, and they are all all fun to play.

Have fun with your "new" drum!!!