Kick Drum Mic for a 4" port hole


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Hi all. I am in the process of recording, and I want to purchase a new bass drum mic, that fits inside a 4" port hole, and is flexible with placement. I need it soon, so I want to make a decision. I have an old AKG D112 that does not easily fit through the port hole, and is awkward to position inside the drum, and a Sennheiser e602 that telescopes very easily. I also have a Subkick for outside the drum. While I love the ease of use of the 602, I have never loved the sound I get with it. It has a bit of a basketball sound when close to the batter head. I have heard clips of the Shure Beta 52A that sound really good, but it looks kind of big. Does anyone know if the Beta 52 fits inside a 4" port hole ? Other recommendations are welcome. I am willing to spend up to $300, but I don't feel I need to. Thanks !

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If this is placing a mic in a dedicated bass drum for your studio have you considered the Kelly Shu internal mount? You could mount your AKG D112 on the Kelly Shu and route the XLR cable out of your port.

Otherwise an Audio-Technica ATM25 should fit through a 4-inch port.


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Thanks for the recommendation on the D112, but I think I want to try something else. This Audix 6 looks like a good candidate.


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I'm using a Shure Beta 52 and up until recently I always had it inside the port a little ways. While at home recording I found out I have a lot better kick drum sound with the microphone about 2in outside of the port.