Kick Drum Chair


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Hi Guys,

I'm moving in with my girlfriend in a few weeks so we're both pretty excited and a little nervous anyways, I'm planning to make some furniture for the apartment, so my question is has anyone seen/made a chair out of an old Kick Drum.


I've got a poplar kick drum somewhere in my storage space which I'll cut a rounded 'U' shape in and then stapling in the padding and seat material, then finding some legs to raise up the whole to a decent height.

I think it should work, any thoughts?


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I have never seen this done before but it sounds like a cool idea. Post pics when you're done!
I have always wanted to make lamp/ table out of an old floor tom. It would be easy to do- just replace the head with a round piece of white plexiglass, put a small light fixture inside and that's it!
Might make a cool table to go with your chair!


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I have seen one made into a coffee table with a round piece of glass placed on top.