Kick Ass Jam Tonight!!!!


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Have you ever just gotten into the ZONE with your fellow band mates? Bassist and I started jamming what sounded like some chilli pepper stuff. Lots of funky bass popping and stuff. While we were jamming, waiting for the guitar player, the singer listened and created some lyrics. Then finally, the guitarist came. We were all LOCKED IN!

We wrote this very catchy RHCP mixed with a bit of Maroon 5 song that was just a bit heavier when the guitar came in. We even recorded it. So, when I get the audio, I will post it. The singer sang his @ss off and nailed this super groovy chorus.

Anyway, as a band, we never quite had an experience like that. I cannot wait for more of them to happen.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know about an outstanding jam.

Take care friends


Trip McNealy

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Yea man! We do that ALL the time when we are setting up/warming up at band practice. I usually lay the groove first and then the bassist comes in and then my guitarists.

We play at least 6-10 min jams... really good stuff.. in the vain of RHCP, RAGE, and 311.. much like you guys.

It's really fun and gets ideas moving for new material.


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Ah, Yes. The ZONE.
I love it there, what little time I actually spend in it with other musicians.
Last time it was quite insane,me and a bass/guitar player friend of mine were just itchin' to lay down a track; so we picked up on an Up-Tempo rock groove and it was just...magical....
Glad to hear of your kick ass-ed jam.
Hopefully many more to come!


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I don't know about the language in the title of this thread.

Zoned-in jams are the best. They're even better when you throw some d's on them.