Keys player looking to get first set of drums


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Hi guys my name is Evan im from buffalo ny and am a synth/keys player. I have been contemplating picking up a set of drums for a few months now. Not looking to break the bank but would like to spend no more than 6 to 700 on a set for now. i found these on craigslist today but what other options are their in that price point im looking for that 60's rock jazz type of sound. thank you hopefully this will become one of the many forums i visit on a daily base.


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a kent drum kit? wow! those are pretty rare. my first snare drum was a kent drum. before you get too excited, keep in mind that kent drums were the "el cheapo" option back in the day and they don't have the quality of a similar vintage ludwig or slingerland kit. still, that's an interesting find.


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Hey guys thanks for the input still uncertain the 60s Ludwigs have some non original hardware and some extra screw holes still worth the 450 if not all original.


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yes they are still worth 450. as long as the shells are round and sound good it's a still a steal.


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If ya can wait a few months, my Gretsch Catalina Birch set will be up for grabs (6 pc) 8/10/12/13 up 14 down and 22 bass.....Id even meet ya half way in Erie.



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Try looking at some Mapex kits as well... I have played a lot of different kits and they are really hard to beat( no pun intended :D) as far as price and features. I know you can more than likely get a nice Pro M and possibly a new Meridian set for around waht you want to spend.