Ketu Condomble rhythms aplied to backbeat drum culture


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I brought in a thead on Ketu codes in jazz rhythm innovation history , the hookups were unmistakable. now i want to show you how Ketu Candomble beats ( the rhythms from the Afro Brazilian religion Ketu condomble and use sticks so its easy to see how it relates to drum kit) show origins in these Ketu codes in rock , rhythm and blues, funk, blues, hip hop , disco/ electronic dance music etc

im playing the "pi" and "le" and bell parts around the kit and cathing a back beat , playing with real people playing the official bell parts and atabaque with pi and le and soloing sometimes called "rum"

is amazing once i learned these codes hearing jazz and backbeat culture , how you cant listen the same way. i saw a docu on elvis on tv and i recognised that dj fontana was playing the "ilu" beat with a backbeat to "you aint nothing but a hound dog".