Keropes ,Aquired Taste?

Captain Bash

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Is this a question or your opinion.

Since I have never played them I can’t say whether I have acquired the K Kerope taste. Are they really that different from Istanbul, Bosphorus etc. offerings, are they more versatile than K cons. better for soul funk because they are a little heavier and thus have more volume/bite ? Enlighten me....

paradiddle pete

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A bit of both really, I have a set and have always been a bit meh with them . Until I got it, Just wondering what others think of them.


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I totally shrugged off the Keropes at first. I don't know if it was the giant K logo, or the marketing that said they were "vintage" cymbals that turned me off in the beginning.

Then when I started exploring Turkish companies like Istanbul and Bosphorus, I began to realize that the Keropes are also in that category. And suddenly it clicked. Kerope rides are dry and articulate, very musical, great for low to mid volumes, (and crashable!) which is exactly what I had been looking for.

I really like Keropes now. Unfortunately my local shops don't carry Keropes, so I can't test them out in person. And then there's the eye-watering price. A 20" Kerope ride costs $40 more than a 20" Meinl Extra Dry ride (which is already expensive).

I'd really like to have a set of Keropes, but I'd have to pick them out in person since they're designed to vary from cymbal to cymbal.

paradiddle pete

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They record really nicely. K Cons are a totally different animal. Yes you are right the price paid initially seems high for cymbals that seem a bit ordinary at first but if you can get a matched set or ear chosen so to speak I say go the extra mile.


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I had a full set of Kerooes when they first came out . 14” hats , 18” and 19” and a 20” Medium ride . They sounded great from the drum throne but they got lost in the band . I used them with a Big Band and an amplified Pop trio and friends in the audience complained they could not hear the cymbals .
I ended up selling them .