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Any word, audio, video on the new Kerope's? People at cymbalholics are talking excitedly about the launch today.


There was a pre-NAMM live video yesterday. I was able to catch most of it. The line is 18, 19, 20 and 22 which they go out of their way to explain that they have not labelled them crashes or rides because you can do "everything" on them. 14 and 15 hats. That's all they discussed.

Tough to judge from earbuds from an iPad. The goal is for an old sound and look. Cymbals you found in your great aunts attic type stuff.


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I watched the live release. the sound quality through my head phones was pretty bad but from what I could tell. I liked the sound of the bells, the way they crashed, and the 15" hi hats. I'm really not sure about the was the cymbals sound when you ride on them though. That was highly muted by my head phones.


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I missed it. Did not receive my "reminder email" from Zildjian. Should have marked the calendar.