Kenny Washington best albums

I'm with the above folks in saying that I don't believe Kenny has done a recording as a leader. I also agree the Mel Rhyne ("Stick to the Kick " is good), and Charlap dates are smoking.

However, his body of work as a sideman speaks for itself.

I'd go with 'Jazz Poet' by Tommy Flanagan as one of his best-known dates. The track, 'Mean Streets,' is one of his signature tunes, which also is the nickname that Flanagan bestowed upon him.

Here are four records that are a bit under the radar and may be hard to locate if you want physical copies. However, you can find select videos on YouTube.

Mulgrew Miller - 'From Day to Day' is great. Check out Kenny's 4s on the tune 'Playthang".
Joshua Breakstone - "Self-Portrait in Swing'. This might be very hard to find. But, Kenny is excellent on this side - especially on "Some Enchanted Evening."
Ralph Moore - "Images" - This is an overall great record. Check out Kenny on "This I Dig of You" and his Latin groove on "Episode From a Village Dance."
Johnny Griffin - "The Cat" - Check out the solo on the contrafact of "What Is This Thing Called Love," "Hot Sake."