Ken Loomer


I had heard of drummer Ken Loomer a while ago, but I watched a few of his videos tonight, and was really impressed with his chops; very much in the style of Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson and Butch Miles, to name a few.

His website is grossly out of date. It looks like it hasn't been updated in almost three years.

Does anybody know what Ken is up to these days?


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It appears he’s living in Tampa and leading big band gigs. Interesting…wasn’t familiar with the guy but he can play some drums, eh?


Yes, he's a great player in the Buddy style, of course. I just wonder why his website is so outdated.

Frank Godiva

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This is my favorite one of his videos

Can’t stress enough how Buddy played; without mics

At about 8 minutes in

The mics you often see on Buddy shows is to recorded his performance but it is not to get any “assistance” through the PA

Seems like a lost art when see guys miking the kit in small to medium venues

It used to be all about the acoustic drums and projection



I called Ken the other day and he returned my call. He's still working steadily in about four jazz venues in Florida, and doesn't travel outside the state at all. He's an under-the-radar jazz guy who is making a living playing the music he loves. I give him credit for that. We had a nice conversation. He said he hasn't updated his website, because it costs too much to keep it current.