Keeping the volume down, home practice


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This should probably be in the sticks section, but there are so many threads here about how to keep the volume down, practicing at home, coffee shop gigs and such that I thought here would be more useful.

I finally (on a very hot day, sorry about the shorts) got a chance to record something in my living room with the sticks and kick drum beater I got from Lidwish Solutions in Hawaii. He calls these UltraTones. I don't know how "ultra" the tone is, but I think they are a viable alternative to rods or other things folks use. In particular, the kick beater is a great solution to playing with brushes or rods. You can actually give it a pretty good heel up swat and it's still fairly quiet.

This is also with a Dream ride cymbal which is kind of washy and a set of thin Dream hats which are on the quiet side. I normally don't play with a bunch of cymbals but I wanted to hit a variety of things for this demo. Probably should have put my K Dry Ride up somewhere. With the Lidwish sticks, you just get a quiet "ting" sound. My regular AA hats would have been much louder just stepping on them, but not overly loud hitting them with the sticks.

I tried to put a sound level meter in the view, but the resolution's not enough to read it. Most of the time it's around 70-75 dB playing like this. If you really whack things like the side snare, you can get into the low 80's.

The sticks are kind of whippy so they affect you a little. I don't have any chops anyway so what does it matter. UltraTone Demo


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I put towels over the drums (the snare in particular). Quite often I play with brushes as well, they react a bit differently to sticks but dont have the volume, you can play through a piece, keeping the time fine with brushes, practicing the motions of playing through something.

Cymbals are really difficult to mute without altering the feel completely. I heard a tip of folding electrical tape around the edge, supposedly it stops them ringing out as much but I have not tried it, I'd like to hear from someone that has.

The other expensive option is to play an electric kit for practice.


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Evans G2 coated over G1 clear, no damping. There's a weird overtone on the floor tom that I didn't hear until I listened to the videotape. More time and I would have spent some time tuning to make that sound better. Snare has an 8" piece of a ring sitting on it. Amb over the stock PDP snare head.

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These are the Version 2.0 Sticks. The drummer is Matt Poynter of the band Gates of Eden. There are more demo videos on our website of the Version 2.0 and even though the Classic or original Ultra-Tones are for the quietest play, which may not be what you need, we have heard nothing but great reports on the version 2.0

Naturally, we hope you give these a try as well.