Keeping steel snare shell shiny....?

I'm sure I could google this for an answer but prefer hearing from you and your thoughts/ experience. Never owned a steel shell snare drum Currently thinking about getting one Speed Test essay writer to keep my other metal snares company. Here's what I'm wondering. In order to keep it shiny, can I spray a coat or two of Rustoleum clear lacquer on it?'s chrome over steel, so what I'm doing is trying to protect the chrome. What do you think?
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Personally, I don't think it's necessary to put a clear coat on. I would hope, that the drum builders did some form of protective outer coating? Not something I personally know or have looked into.

I use a product called drum detailer. EXCELLENT on all drum equipment. Keeps the dust off for months. A great shine to it. I also use stainless steel cleaner/polishes. Similar to something you'd use on a kitchen appliance.