keep it simple 10 000 post award :)

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Here we go drummerfriends, another member who was not afraid of "going the distance", unlike some... :)) ...Grunt, you're not alone anymore, lol.

Rest assured Andy, I did not prepare a secret thread behind your back in your honor, but it did cross my mind :) ...however, you would have said your usual quote "Thanks Henri :) Not deserved in my case. If I have anything to offer of value, then that's cool."

... but you deserve much more than you credit yourself for my friend, you're a truly great active member on this forum, loved by many, many of us here on this forum, and a much better drummer than you think you are, your clips with "Fired Up" is a testimony of your talent, and you're the creator of the (now) legendary fill 4:05, I'm still struggling with it :)

You're also the mastermind behind the Guru Origin series, that by itself, is an astonishing accomplishment, the fact you actually made me to want to own a "cappucino" is also an achievement I can tell you, you deserve much more praise than you think Andy, you're truly an amazing guy :)

Almost from the minute I joined this forum, you kinda took me under your "wing", and I'll never thank you enough for it, I'm deeply honored by your friendship.

And last but not least, we finally met last month at the LDS, these three days will remain very special for me until I'm gone, and rest assured, we'll meet again.

So Andy... CONGRATULATIONS, I look forward to the next 10 000 posts :)

Let's hope we use this thread to congratulate you on this amazing post count, Have you thought of your status yet? another Mayor?


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Congrats Andy. Your wisdom and observations throughout these posts have helped so many and I can't begin to thank you enough for the support you've given to me since I've been here. I hope you keep on keepin on and can't wait to congratulate you again when you've reached the 20,000 mark!

And I'm not sure we need another bout Grand Poobah? :)


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You are awe-inspiring and generous wiith your opinions and know-how, my friend. You don't need a large number of posts to tell you that.

Quality, not quantity. But, in your case, BOTH!!!


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I enjoy your insight and measured prospective my mate.Your a fine drummer,and your willingness to share your knowledge in unmatched.I'm serious about one day before we're too old, hoisting a pint or two...or three...we'll play it by ear.

Again, I thank you for your concern during my hurricane Sandy ordeal.You are a true friend.Cheers

Steve B


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Congratulations, that's a ton of posts! but from what I've read of them you are a good man and drummer. On top of that your drums look and sound stunning! Cheers.


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Congratulations Andy! I guess this thread is probably the best to add an observation that I've wanted to state but never knew where it'd fit.

Andy always offers praises, help and insights about drums and drumming - even when it's for other products in the marketplace! Doesn't matter what level of gear it is either - it's always a level playing field. To me, that speaks volumes about professionalism and integrity as a drummer and business person.


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I too have benefitted tremendously from our interaction and am very appreciative. Thanks for all the hard work Andy and I hope you keep it coming.

Grand Wizard (G dubya for any bush fans) or Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) or maybe Super Hi Intensity Techical Head (SHIT Head). Just a couple thoughts haha. Sorry I am tired- my guys always play this kind of stuff with me.

Anon La Ply

Well Andy, you'll be the second after GruntersDad ;-)

As you know, I keep wondering where you find the time - since I've been here you've been an engineer, a family man with kids, a sponsor and fund-raiser for Leo's drums, renovated a large tract of your property, played drums and did sound for Fired Up as it increased in popularity (and grandiosity of light show), the Amedia cymbal sponsorship, the Guru drums guruship ... and all with a massively screwed up back. Great stuff, young fella!

*strike up Land of Hope and Glory at this point"

And you've approached all of these things with honesty, goodwill, a taste for scantily clad women (which hardly makes you Robinson Crusoe here), a ferocious dislike of "retard" jokes and a mind-bogglingly nerdy understanding of bearing grommets and lug edges. An unabashed Simon Philips fanboy with a popping rimshot backbeat. Always encouraging dozens of drummers in Your Playing. Enthusiastic backer of Bongo John before BJ forgot that he is just a very small thing in a very large universe.

But ... you don't have to reach 10k. There are ... alternatives *evil grin*. After the 4:05 fill and other occasional extravagant flourishes most of us agreed that "keep it simple" doesn't reflect the Andy drum personality (no matter how much you and I may empathise about feeling like very plain drummers next to all the fancypants hotshots in this joint).

How's this for a new name? "love my quads" :)

Anthony Amodeo

who is this Keep It Simple of which you speak?

a mere peon in this world of percussive arts

I will honor no such accomplishment for the meek

ptooey.....I spit on this thread all seriousness

heres to 10,000 more Andy

you are one of the few that this place could not go without

a true humble gentlemen, craftsman, and eternal student of the game

I bow to you fine sir and look forward to future inspiring posts from you

thank you for being a level headed yin to the ever so common yang of insanity around here



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The first bloke I spoke to on this forum......I had one post and Andy probably had about 20. Goes to show we talk too much my friend!!

Congrats mate. This place definitely wouldn't be the same without you. Cheers to you.


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So Andy let me congrat you a 2nd time, this time in the right thread.
Keep it simple - but keep on ;-)