KBadd's band "Fret Envy" (now called "Axe Envy")


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OK.........I bare my soul to my drummer friends. Please share your comments etc.


My Band is "Fret Envy" (now named "Axe Envy"). This is a live gig on Feb 14, 2010 in South Florida outside. We were very cold at the time. I scew up the timing at 5:55 but Linda brings it back! She is tops!!.....also at the end you cannot hear the dbl kick stuff too well. The "video camera" is a small whatever......the sound should be excused as the camera was right IN FRONT of the main speaker. Oh well. You can almost not hear the Sax player.....bad mic at the time I guess. Linda kicks ass on the vocals! The Strat rips. We are a good band. Let me hear your opinions......here we go.

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