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OK, here is "Rock n Roll" by Zep live at Tobacco Road in Miami this past June...minus our Sax player away on vacation. The drums sound nice! Your opinions are welcome.


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We just fired the guitar player yesterday. Our new guy is great and will post more later.


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I liked your playing until the solo. Man, WTH?
Also, why did you look so pissed off while playing? A problem with the guitarist?
Anwyay, back to the solo, listen to the original a bit better, because you seemed to be trying to do something very similar, but that's not how it goes. Totally lost the momentum messing up the beginning of the solo, mainly.
The rest is very nice, you even got the cymbal accents where Jimmy jumps.



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Hey KBadd,

Good energy, tempo, meter, you're a solid player...since you asked, just an opinion, a couple fills seemed out of place to me...glad you canned the guitar player. Overall captured the vibe and energy nicely though. That ending is a bear.


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Yeah the solo blew. I like to do something different than the Bonzo thing but I tried to rip it off at that gig. (laughs)

PS....not pissed off at all----the look was just intense because the guitar player never played the song correctly one time. Also, here in Miami, and that is an outside stage, we set up in 100 degrees starting a 3:00 PM. So we sweat for a solid hour then had to go cool off. The temp dropped a bit as the sun went down but oh the humidity and the sweat poured again. Thus the headband so I didn't go sweat blind.


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Larry, which fills were out of place because I want to hear them again and understand what you mean. All good!!