Kasza Cymbals?


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Hello, everyone. Ive been thinking seriously about getting a couple new crashes, and I like the sound of Kasza cymbals, more notably the "R" series. They arent very popular, but the sound clips I have heard, they sound good. I searched the forum trying to find a thread about them, but no results. Does anyone on here use them regularly?

They are priced on the cheaper side ($79 for a 16" med crash/$99 for an 18" med crash), so it makes me wonder about the quality immediately(wuhan/agazarian come to mind), but at the same time, decent sounding cymbals for budget players, like myself. Thanks in advance.


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I played some in a shop awhile back. I think they are a budget Chinese made line like Wuhan. I have nothing to say about their durability but the ones I tried sounded good for the price. I believe they were the F series though, not the R.
I just discovered them thru ebay, while shopping for a good light crash. I have used, and still do, Bosphorus pies. However, getting costly, even via ebay.

I have been researching Kasza. Have not found a website, and believe one does not exist. What I have found via Google are many comments and reviews...all very positive. My gut tells me they are equal in value and sound, from my 'research' to Dream Cymbals, which are great too.

I found an 18" Fusion Kasza light cymbal for less than $124, another discovered site, for $99. I will be buying before the weekend is up. Both are brand new. Beats paying over $200 for a used Bos..or any other big name.

There are several YouTube videos as well. Reading the comments all positive as well...so Kasza is on to something here

I say, go for it.
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Sounds similar to Silken. A lot of the time, these Chinese budget-ish companies produce some really impressive stuff, though one has to be wary of duds. Still, seems like their output is pretty good :)


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I, too, have tried them in a store and thought they were on par with the majors. I don't remember the lines, but there were two for sure. Both sounded great. They reminded me of how nice Stagg cymbals sound, especially the DH (?) line (raw bells?). I was impressed by the quality sound and reasonable price.

I certainly think if I had to start from scratch or was looking for a second set of pro cymbals, like for gigging or on the practice kit, those would be high on my list.


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Big Bang (Ahead Sticks, et al) distributes them, and I've hit a few at NAMM the last couple of years. They sound good, and the price is definitely right, but it's hard to know if they're consistent. Hearing the cream of the crop at NAMM doesn't tell me too much, except that some nice Kasza product does exist.

All Big Bang has on them is at http://www.bigbangdist.com/kasza_cymbals.htm



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I often gig with a 17" F series light crash and it's great. Between that and either a K 22" light ride or my 22" Amedia Old School Series ride I have a great range.


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I was close to buying a Kasza 18" F-crash. However, for $30 less I decided on a Wuhan 18" crash-ride for $56.00/NEW...NO REGRETS. The Wuhan is as good as a former Bosphorus 18" Traditional crash I once had.

My research found that Wuhan, Kasza, and Dream Cymbals are all made in the same cymbal foundry in Wuhan, China....all three use a B20 formula., are hand hammered and hand lathed.

For the money, a very good buy


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I know I'm eager to try them, considering Bob Kasha was my drum teacher "back in the day" when he was running ABK Rocks! in what is now North Hills, CA. Emailed him the other day, just waiting to see where we can meet up so I can hit a couple of them killer lookin' mini-border China's he's got...


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Kasza F series cymbals are thinner with a soft lathe cut, smaller bell giving a dryer, darker sound, with a faster decay. Made from pure B20 (80% copper 20% tin). All Kasza cymbals are handpicked for sound quality and workmanship. Every Kasza cymbal is a unique instrument and a true piece of art no two are alike.Multiple sizes available.


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I have been using kasza for about 4 months now and am still pretty happy with them.. The fusion hats especially.. b20 For $113 shipped... very happy with that :) The R ride i'm OK with.. but its a little dark for me. bell is awesome though.

The R crash i got is a little dark also but the wash is amazing on it. It sounds dead on for the one at the start of "it don't come easy"


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I have a 17" R dirty bell crash, 18" R dirty bell crash, 14" R skinny fat hi-hats and a 10" R splash. I have been playing them for about a year now, and I have to say I am very impressed with the sound of them. Durability doesn't seem to be an issue. Although I did try one of their rides, forget which model but wasn't the sound I was looking for. Most crashes I have gotten new for around $100 or less, the splash I think was $25, hi-hats I bought used from someone for $75 I think.