Karaoke and new start on percussion


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Just thought I'd drop in and say hello - I think it's been almost 3 years now since I sold my drumset - it was too loud for my neighbors as I live in a trailer park. I've always played guitars and keyboards too and some singing, so I thought I'd give karaoke a try. I've stayed with that and my voice has gotten better and it's very enjoyable singing online, also met the love of my life - she lives in Germany and we've visited a few times and if it all works out she will come over to stay.

Just wanted to bring up the karaoke because as a drummer sometimes you sing lead or backup and it's a great fun way to get used to singing. I haven't had drums for several years but recently bought a Remo Djembe drum and some LP bongoes - last night put a little track together, reminds me of circle drumming, a constant theme - I believe once a drummer always a drummer, and it feels great to play any way I can again, and looking forward to laying down some guitar and keyboard tracks as well.

To those I knew here a friendly hello - I've put some links to the drum thing and some karaoke tracks. Hope to share some more drum oriented stuff, glad to be back to it again.


Tripolar - Djembe and bongoes -

By the Time I Get to Phoenix -

Don't Think Twice -

I'll Be There -