Kaan Çelen Intro from Turkey


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I hope you are doing well in these difficult days.

I am Kaan Çelen from Turkey, I play drums with one arm and I recently released my jazz album, which is the first in the world.

Can you help me and my album Can you post an article on the site? Or can you help with something else?
where you can reach me:
The album features Kaan Çelen on drums, Tolga Bilgin on trumpet, Tamer Temel on saxophone, Ercüment Orkut on piano and Volkan Topakoğlu on double bass. The album recordings were made by Sinan Sakızlı and Ceylan Akçar (Hayyam Studios) and the Mix and Mastering was done by Emre Malikler. The album cover photos were taken by Erdal Kaş and the cover design was made by Yiğit Gürevin.



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Nice gesture to post this Johnny. I’m really digging it. The drummer sounds amazing- a really nice touch. I really like some of the “brashness” of the brass.:cool: