K Zildjian or Sabian NNX Evolution

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K Zildjian or Sabian HHX Evolution

So, I'm a long time drummer returning to acoustic drums after using e-drums for a number of years. I picked up a Tama Starclassic Indigo Burl Bursrt drum pack. I love Tama and my last A kit was a vintage Superstar maple with 8" snare (still have the snare - one of the first 8" in the states, and still in mint condition). Now I need some cymbals. I've always loved Ks, but the Sabians caught my attention, and the HHX Evolution pack looks pretty sweet.
I've found places where I can get either for about the same price:
14" Hats, 16" Crash, 20" Ride.
Zs come with extra thin 18" crash, HHXs come with 18 ozone crash (I've heard them and the ozone crash sounds pretty cool, but do they last?).
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Which do you like the sound better and what styles of music do you play? I own a complete set of Sabian Evolutions and I almost bought a set of Zildjian K cymbals last weekend after auditioning them for almost four weeks, but I ended up with something different. In my opinion, comparing the two is almost like apples to oranges. What got me started on the Evolutions was when I was introduced to the Evolution 14" Hi hats, they sounded just like butter. From there, it took me a couple of weeks to find the other sounds I wanted, but it was well worth the search.


mike d

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audiotech, Thanks for the response.
I agree with the "apples - oranges" thing. They definitely sound different.and I have not heard either one as a complete set, or in the same place, so... I'm flying blind a little bit here. I like to play blues, rock and jazz. I've always loved the K sound, and from my samplings at the local store, they sound a little fuller, lower, and warmer than the HHX, but the HHX seemed to cut through with a little more initial attack, high end, and clarity.
I'm leaning towards the HHX, but I've always been a big KZ fan, so any input is appreciated.