Just wondering...


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Billy Ward .


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I make choices based on personality...but I have a feeling that if Dave Grohl, Ringo and I hung out, not much drumming would get done. They seem to be goofballs, and I am too...


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Oh man too much choice!
Bernard purdie is cool as hell that would be awesome
Thomas Pridgen would be an absolute riot, but you probably wouldnt get much kit time yourself with him haha


Either Jim Chapin, or Dave Weckl.

I realize that Jim passed away a year and a half ago, but still...

But just for hanging out with drummer just for fun: that would have to be either Benny Greb or Johnny Rabb. Or, maybe both of them.


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Joe Morrello.

Howeve that probably won't happen.....

I'd really like to learn from more "behind the curtain" band drummers like Kenny Arnoff of Max Weinberg....


being a metal guy i wanna say george kollias or derek roddy or flo mounier or that dude from the berserker but anybody.........wow!

joe morello i could learn a bunch from
or id love to talk about grooves with a pop drummer like carter beuford or that guy from muse o! and im a big fan of jojo mayer

way tooo many options way to many!!!!!! lol


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Steve Gadd or Scott Johnson.

I think that sums up my goals pretty well.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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If I`m choosing among people that are still alive and actually teach it would be Tommy Igoe. If he did teach I`d like some lessons with Vinnie.