Just Want To Say Thanks To Drummerworld


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I have learned nothing and will learn nothing. You can't make me.
Ok...but you've sure taught me a boatload.

This site is an amazing resource and I'm thankful for it. Thanks to the voluntary contributions of hundreds of people I've never met, I get something that's part drum tutor, part psychologist, and part historian. I can't believe how much I learn from this site - much more from reading than participating.

Bottom line, the value of DW is found in the fact that it has helped me become a better drummer - so the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

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Joining this wonderful forum is the best thing I ever done.

It's a goldmine of information about anything related to drumming, music, life and some more.

The fun and the humour is also great between members here.

The best bit about Drummerworld is the friendship, I've made several best friends over the few years I've been around, I've met quite a few from all around the globe, some of which I meet on a regular basis (I'm just back from the MADgeFest last weekend, met several DW members), I hope that I will meet more of my friends in the next few years. Virtual friendship is as good as real life friendship, I'm really grateful to Drummerworld for this.

Best drum forum ever, thank you Bernhard :)


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I'm sure I speak for Bermuda as well as myself when I say thanks for the mention. Our boss Bernhard cracks a pretty large whip to keep us in line. Truthfully , this forum is very easy to moderate compared to others I visit. No matter how much the three of us work, or time we spend here, the forum is only as good as the members. We have great members, so thank you, and enjoy.
All hugely appreciated Grunt - mindful that we don't say that often enough.


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Yes I have to agree with everyone-this is a great place, super friendly, super informative, and the moderators are "righteous dudes". And sadly "I have learned nothing", although it isn't from a lack of effort-just I'm handicapped with poor taste in what sounds good=i.e. my drumming choices often suck-sucking can create a vacuum-you get sucked up in a vacuum and with no air you can't hear, it sucks the life out of you too, and hence explaining my lack of learning -I reckon.


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Great site with great helpful members. I wish we had something like this back in the 70's. Maybe I could have taken all the duct tape off the toms and learned how to tune. :)


Cool stuff..my wife says I'm addicted to drums and this forum. But what does she know ;)
You are. This is an intervention. We were trying to find the moment to talk with you about that because is a serious matter. You HAVE to leave your wife. She's no good.