Just turned down a Pearl forum kit, did i make a mistake?

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I was just offered a used pearl forum kit for 100 bucks. used, needs heads, 5 piece with hi hat and ride, both Pearl cymbals. I was going to grab it and re-wrap it and try to sell it but I didn't think there was any money left for heads after the wrap. did I do the right thing by passing?


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If you were going to buy the kit, buy the wrap, buy the heads, and then try to re-sell it, I'd say yes - you did the right thing by passing on it.

Unless you were just looking for a project for fun, or planning on keeping and using it.

You probably wouldn't come out head money-wise, especially if you value your time.


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Ordering new sheets of wrap will cost you a good bit, then the work that goes into it, so resell wouldn't net you anything. Hardware and cymbals aren't worth anything. 100 is a good price to keep it as a backline/beater kit.