Just thought I'd leave this here.


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This guy is great. When I saw the Jose James play along I must have hit replay 10 times. Different vibe to the video you've posted but very catchy.

I find this / his approach utterly fascinating. It's so far away from anything I know or do, it attracts me. I get how / where he's feeling it, but I seriously doubt I could follow suit - or at least, not without a lot of work / immersion. Love it!


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That's awesome. I like how loose he plays and how he dancing on the drums ever so lightly. Low stick heights too. Great interplay between snare and hats. I love this kind of stuff.


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I got that feel straight off, not saying I am special at all, probably just how my drumming mind works. I would not have been as busy as he is but thats how his mind works. Great isnt it? so many ways to interpret a piece of music.


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Love that. I've run across two or three other drummers on the net that have the guts to do this soft-touch, organic feel, and I like it. (I say "guts" because the strong tendency for drummers in the spotlight is to play as dynamically as possible rather than to explore the finer intricacies of a song.) Bravo.

Two observations on this and a huge number of drummer-centered videos that I love to watch:

1) Having always been a drummer in cover bands, I've never once in fifty years of playing ever encountered a song that would allow me to use 90% of the techniques seen in the videos - even if I could play them! The bands I've been in have required simple, meat-n-taters drumming.

2) In this video and others by folks like Anika Niles who use darker ride cymbals and wood tip sticks, the ride cymbals are inaudible. Silent. You see the stick hitting the cymbal, but cannot hear them in the mix.



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That's some tasteful drumming right there
I find his technique beyond anything I can personally play and appreciate the approach he took and his creativity. With that said, I felt the playing was inappropriate for the song. For me, it lacked taste. Way too busy. Of course this was recorded for a drum company video so perhaps the intent wasn't just to support the song. Different strokes.