Just thought I would introduce myself


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Hello my name is brandon, I live in pittsburgh pa and just started to just back into drumming. I guess what im really looking for is some advice and guidance. I am 20 years old and I do not have much history on a drumset, however all throughout highschool I played percussion for our symphonic band, drumline, and percussion ensemble. I do not think that lessons would really be nessicary considering I have chops and know how to read music. I have recently purchased a drumset I just feel stuck because I am not really sure where to start, I suppose im a little overwhelmed. As for my skill level it is nothing impressive , but for never touching a set I do not think it is half bad. I can play song from red hot chili peppers, system of a down, acdc, some metallica...etc, basic stuff like that. I can also do basic beats with a double bass pedal.( triplets, and 16ths at about 125 bpm comfortably). I was thinking maybe there were some educational dvds or books that can help me develop myself as a percussonist. My goal is to play at the next guitar center drumoff(take into consideration i have almost 3-5 hours a day I can practice and im not expecting to win I just want to challenge myself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

p.s I am slightly worried that maybe Im to old to start up and eventually get to a good playing level

- Brandon


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Welcome. As for being too old, Im over 40 and started less than a year ago....age has nothing to do with skill . Since I'm a newbie myself, I try not to give too much advice but would have to think that no matter how much natural talent or skill you have a teacher to instruct you in proper technique would be the way to go. You are never too old or too good to benefit from a good teacher. Good luck.


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I do not think that lessons would really be nessicary considering I have chops and know how to read music.
You may have chops and the ability to read music, but you obviously don't know how to apply any of it. Call me old fashioned, but I think this is exactly where (and why) a teacher would come in handy.

I'm all for people teaching themselves, but only if you know what it is you want/need to learn and have developed the ability to be able to apply it correctly. If you haven't got a clue where to start then you need some stricter guidance than a few youtube vids can offer you.


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Maybe try contacting Subha Das, a teacher in your area at www.subhadas.com. I know him. not sure if you do as well. He's an inexpensive teacher who could help. PM me for more suggestions if you'd like. Also, post pics of your drum kit too :) Good luck.


I live in Pittsburgh as well and while there are quite a few teachers in the area, my personal teacher, whom I highly recommend, is Lou Ross (http://www.louross.com/). Dave Throckmorton is also a well known teacher from the area and a close friend of Lou's, each have similar teaching styles. I have not personally taken lessons with Dave but his reputation is not without warrant.