Just switched to a 2 leg hi hat. No more 3 leg.


Well I just got a DW8000 2 leg hi hat stand to replace my DW5000 3 leg stand. I was playing barefoot and I smashed my pinky toe into the 3 legger for the last time. I really like my DW5000 but I got a great deal on an 8000 on ebay so here I go. Hopefully my double bass will be easier too. Anyone have the 8000 series hi hat stand? If so whaddya think?

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I've never played the 8000, but I have played both the 9000 and 5000. They both have super-smooth pedal action and they're built like a tank. The only downside to a 2-leg stand is that it tends to wobble a lot if you set up your kit on soft carpet. Let us know how it works out for you!

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I just got a DW 5000 (or 5500 i forget) 2 legged pedal yestarday. Its alot easier to set up my drums now. Im terrible at setting up hi hat stands though, i think i did it wrong because the bottom hi hat moves around and stuff a little bit. Im gonna have to mess around w/ it but overall i like it alot more than my crappy cb 3 legger.

edit- fixed the problem.
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I had a DW 5000 3 leg and now I've had a yamaha 2 leg for a couple years.
What I do is set it up like a 3 leg (leg on the left, leg in the center) except on the other side its clear. I've never had a problem with it not being stable. When I push down on the hihat pedal, yeah it wobbles once. Other than that it never moves.


Yeah, I never used a 2 leg at my house. The others that I have played were on hard surfaces and a drum riser that was outdoor carpet stuff. But I do have carpet in my music room. Hopefully it will be stable enough. But I cant take the 3 leg one getting in the way anymore. Even though you can swivel the 3 legs there is always one that is in the way. And if I kick it barefooted one more time I'm going to throw it through the window. Well maybe not since it is a nice stand. But I might give it another hard talkin to.