Just starting at 53 and will need all the help I can get!


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Good Morning Drummerworld!

My name is Martin and I'm a 53 year-old Englishman who, having seen Rush in Manchester in 2013 and watched some Neil Peart videos, decided that I want to learn to play the drums.

On asking @rushtheband on Twitter if it was too late, to my surprise, I got a reply saying "It is never too late!".


What more of an excuse did I need? :)

So this weekend I popped to a nearby music store, bought a 12" Evans RealFeel practice pad, a pair of Vic Firth 5A sticks and a Neil Peart Drumming Helmet!


Did I buy the right gear? I plan to start by learning the rudiments and am kicking off with the single stroke roll.

Anyway ladies and gentlemen, I thought I'd start off with an introductory post and issue a warning thus;

They say the only stupid question is the one that doesn't get asked. Well, good people of Drummerworld, prepare yourself for a whole host of stupid questions!

Best regards



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You have everything you need to get started. Pad, sticks and the desire to learn how to use them.

Have at it and best of British luck, as they say.

Although I recommend keeping your stick well away from your helmet. One errant strike and it may all be over before it begins!!


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well i turn 50 in aug.
i just started a few months ago,
so im right here with you, im finding a lot of great info on here
i am loving the drums so far :)

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If you have the desire and the drive to do what you wanna do, a lot of the battle is already over. I really don't think you can ask too many questions, here. And I really doubt anyone will think any of your questions are stupid. Good luck to you on your new endeavor!!


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Wow! My thanks to one and all for your encouraging replies and words of support. They really are truly appreciated.

You've made an old man very happy! :)


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You will have all you need....If you bin the hat.
You're probably right. Just wait until you see me wearing it (next thread) and then your worst fears will be confirmed.

I'm in Turkey (Antalya) on business as I type and these hats are everywhere. It was my wife's idea that I got one and has said that the wearing of it is mandatory whenever I'm playing.



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Congrats, you made a wise decision ;-)

Once you start with something (that you're loving/passionate about), time will start to work for you. - Did you start already? Yes -> Lean back (ok, do some efforts learning your new instrument) and time will be working for you.

I could get upset about having started drums a mere 4.5 years ago (I'm 41 now) but I don't. The fun I'm having outweighs any other thoughts by far. Same with the el. piano which I started just months ago. Again, no worries - time has started to work for me and I'm enjoying the process. Will I ever get at a world class technical level? Who knows/cares ;-)

If you feel like starting something new/another instrument - don't hesitate, go for it (regardless of age)!

As for all the help you can get - you have...
* THIS forum, the biggest drum forum on the planet. And it's a fine place to communicate with fellow drummers (or even non-drummers).
* An incredible plethora of high quality tutorial material - DVDs, books (many with CDs), websites... This is by far the best time to start a new instrument or drums. It was never easier and the stuff you can get for the same money has never been of better quality.


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Thanks again for the responses.

I found this little shop in Antalya. Not the greatest selection of gear in the world but enough to get started.

It'll be a little while before I venture to acquire a drum kit and I'll be back in the UK when I do (I think a kit would play havoc with my checked baggage allowance).


Congrats and welcome. Neil Peart is great drummer to be inspired by. Starting with a pad and rudiments are the perfect start but you really should also be looking for lessons as soon as possible to thwart any bad habits that will pop up just learning by youtube. Do not try to skimp on cheaper lessons either, make sure you get some references and ask questions. He/She may even help you with your 1st kit purchase which is always alot of fun. Welcome to the wonderful world of drumming and drummerworld.


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Welcome and have fun with drumming. Pleny of great advice on this site believe me. By the way I'm 61 and still love to do this.


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Hello and welcome to DW, and to drumming :)

We older latecomers do tend to be a bit self-conscious about our age, but believe me, it's as irrelevant as our shoe size. You're either a drummer or you're not. And you obviously are, now!

The hat, by the way, is fantastic and reminds me of the one Mr Madge brought me back from Nepal, which I shall have to dig out. I recently discovered that I play much better when wearing a hat, so I'd have to say that it's probably the most important piece of equipment you have right now.


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Welcome to DW.

Good decision. In my experience the drumming community is one of the best. Friendly and helpful.

Definitely take a few lessons to get you off to a good start and don't wait too long to get a drum set. It's where the fun truly begins.

Good luck!


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Learning to play drums (or any instrument for that matter) is so rewarding. You will learn a great skill and learn a lot about yourself in the process. Good luck to you. There are a lot of supportive and smart people here.


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You will have all you need....If you bin the hat.
This! That muffin cover looks stupid on Peart, it can't help look stupid on you, too!

Seriously, though, you are on the right path. I'm 61 and have been playing for over fifty years. But I never learned to read drum music or play the rudiments. Drumwise, the biggest mistake I could have made. When you have the rudiments down, it opens up the whole drum world to you.

Oh, all of us like answering "stupid" questions. Just learn to separate the wheat from the chaff in all the answers you will get. Like every other field of endeavor, drumming is FILLED with myths, gossip, pretenders, and "experts."



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I re-started after a 32 year hiatus, at the age of 59. Seven years ago. I have reinforced a ton of what I knew by being here. So welcome. Please take an afternoon and read the rules of order, and have fun.


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Get a kit ASAP. Playing with others is where its at. Unless you have that sort of personality learning all the technique and rudiments first is a difficult and, to me anyway, tedious task. If you can spend months and months just playing rudiments on a pad you are a better man than me.

Get a kit and a couple of lessons to teach you the basics of setup, posture and grip and learn how to use the snare, BD and hi-hat for a basic 2 and 4 and play with other people.

If you enjoy that you can then start to equip yourself with more technique, If and when you need it, to express yourself. There are lots of ways to learn to play the drums, each to there own.

I was self taught for decades and had a great time. I wanted some insight into Jazz playing, last year, so I was reccomended a Jazz teacher. A great insight into the basics of the genre and a leap out of my comfort zone, always good.

A great teacher, he was not trying to get me to hold the sticks in a different way, or sit in a different way or change my natural playing. He asked me what I wanted to learn and and showed me some Jazz basics and gave me things to work on at home. I made a lot of progress in the 4 visits I made to this guy and he didnt try to change me, he simply added another skill set to my playing, and that was what I wanted.


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Awesome to hear I am not the only one to start at a 'youthful,' 47. I bought a kit and took lessons for about 8 months. It was weird sitting in the lobby with a bunch of 8,9 and 10 year olds waiting for my teacher who is younger than my daughter.

The cool thing though, drummers talk drumming even if they are only 10. My teacher gave me an excellent foundation and now I am on a self study journey focusing on Jazz and Latin styles because they are hard. As a youngster I would never have taken the path of most resistance.
I am learning and practicing daily and still progressing quite nicely. I am one of the weirdos who enjoys Stick Control and other "technique based," learning tools.

Hopefully by the time I retire from my,"day job," I will be good enough to catch a studio gig... if I feel like it. Welcome to the fold my friend.