Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever actually played the Yamaha Washi kit?


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This thing is almost legendary... one of these has been on display at my music store for over three years now, and I've seen another kit at a different drum shop, also been there a long time. Is there anyone in the world who owns one of these? The guy at one store told me this kit's bad luck... he said he's had 5 people put a down payment on it and told him to hold it for them, and then they backed out :S They haven't been able to sell it in all the years it's been there. It's shame, too... absolutely BEAUTIFUL finish, they lacquered traditional Japanese artwork onto each of the shells, gave it high-tension lugs, and put on wood hoops. It's not insanely expensive, either. It's a high end kit, but I think it's just over 3K now.

Anyone heard anything about this?



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I don't think that you would be disappointed.
I have never seen a Yahmaha kit that wasn't good. It is a beautiful kit.
I would keep making reasonable offers at the store and show them that you have the cash to buy the kit until you wear them down and they sell you the drums!


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Personally I think it is hideous. It has no aesthetic appeal for me, now sonically it sounds just like what it is a Recording Custom kit with wood hoops.My local shop has had one for a couple to three years as well and they just keep dusting it and hope someone will buy it. Good luck with that.


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RickP's post may sum up the reason for the kits not selling.
Japanese art is not for everyone.

You seem to like the artwork. If you can get the kit for a deal than it will work out great for you.


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Really poor timing, on Yamaha's part. They put out a "collectable" right when the world economy takes a giant dump.​
This kit has super, super limited appeal. Most Japanese "art" collectors are gonna buy paintings, sculptures, etc... Not drum sets.​
And the inverse, a cat who really has deep pockets, is gonna get a custom paint job straight from a master artist, not a "limited" factory production run.​


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I agree Harry, Anything like this is going to appeal to only certain people.
The economy certainly didn't help.
If jondrumming is a Yammie man, who happens to like the artwork, This may be a great kit for him to own.


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Oh, I'm not planning on buying the kit, I'm fine with my Visions for now :)

I was just curious as to why it had never sold, but you guys cleared that up. You're right, Japanese artwork isn't for anyone, and anyone who would get something that crazy would have it custom ordered. It's a shame, though, as RickP said I can only assume it sounds like a Recording Custom with wood hoops.

Thanks everyone for your help!


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Personally, I'd pick the finish you have (Jon) over that Yamaha any day.

That is one of the ugliest kit's I've seen from Yamaha (next to the white with colored splashy dots WTF is that?).

A standard RC has always been beautiful, and with wood hoops looks really sharp, but this thing is a POC IMO.

But, I'd still take it over the hideous Vinnie Paul dDrum finish...holy cow is that a load of stink. It's very cheap looking.

Anyhow, I'd agree, it'd sound like a RC with wood hoops.


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Thanks Karl!

I think it's a beautiful design, great artwork... it's just not suitable to put on a drum. I bet it'd look great as a tapestry or something, but it should stay that way!


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I would think that the wood hoops and the 60 degree rounded edges would change the sound of the drum a bit?Esp if rc's had a double 45?Cadeson did an asian art kit a few years back but it was very inexpensive,maybe no upcharge at all


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I was going to buy one, but I had my Purewood drums & I could not justify having the two kits at that time.

I love the history of the Genpai war which is depicted on the tapestry finish.

I think they are a beautiful work of art and what a great conversation piece. They have to sound good too.........Yamaha are no slouches when it comes to making drums - they made drums for Ludwig for years before striking out on their own.

The closest I have come to these drums is I have a 40th Anniversary Catalog featuring them.....I'll have to settle for that.

But - ya NICE DRUMS! imho. Each to their own as they say.............


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This is coming from someone who owns and loves Yamaha Drums...That thing is UGLY & only Yamaha could love it.

Also if it's being sold for the art or inlay, why the hell would they throw RC style lugs on it?! Lame.
This Soundscape kit was made for Ron Howden of Nectar by Cadeson. I'm pretty sure Yamaha got the idea from Cadeson. I recall this kit being made two perhaps three years prior to Yamaha's.
Cadeson makes great drums at an even better price.

Here's a picture of my Soundscape Snare. It's a great drum IMHO.

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I gig with one every week and love it. I live in Scotland and the kit is unique in the uk. It also sounds great. It is moved around in padded hard cases. Just to add I have been offered twice what I paid for it.