Just ordered the DW 5000ADH heel-less pedal..


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So I just ordered this heel-less pedal online, hopefully I'll get it soon. I'm really looking forward to it! I have a DW 8000 (which I'll plan to sell) and since I started playing heel down almost exclusively, I noticed that thick heel getting in the way and not making it very comfortable to play. I can't play double's that fast because I can't put the ball of my foot midway because then half my foot is hanging off the bottom of the pedal!

So anyways, once I get them and test-drive em a bit, I'll post my opinions on the pedal.


I highly recommened the Tama Speed Cobra pedal.
It's a shortboard pedal, but its actually as long as a longboard, just with the heel plate.


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Hey Ethan how did the pedal work for you? I'm between the accelerator and this one, I play a LOT of doubles
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I'm sorry but I don't see how the lack of a heel plate will fix your problem. Yes there's no longer a plate there, but there's still the ground that's now in the way. A long board pedal would make more sense to me...