Just had that proverbial "playing for exposure" offer


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Anika Nilles did just this. She started recording herself playing to use as a visual resume. Then she caught on and became who she is now.
Of course...I'm not saying a band who would do the videography plan will gain her level of success. But it's a great idea.

I didn't know her history. Cool.

I am overall pretty lukewarm to the whole YT "watch me play my single instrument" scene overall. For every Anika there are literally 1500 people doing what we all did but never filmed it. I'm not bitter even though it may come off that way. Part of me wishes they were actually in a garage playing with actual other musicians while they have the time and are young enough to not have the stack of responsibilities that normally come with age.

Today a band without a tiktok and insta account are just asking to look out of touch. Sad but true. Being able to film a few gigs with quality sound to drop "gig clips" from different venues can help keep things relevant and for the amount of effort it takes to post vs. the number of potential eyes that see you is worth the time. Clearly many original artists have gone that route as today with technology you don't need a record deal. Build your online following, record your EPs and albums and drop singles etc to your social media accounts then promote your mini tours and gigs and mine your "follower" list for the locals in the area and hit them up about upcoming gigs etc. I've seen it work. I follow a number of folks that do a great job at this.

Cover bands is just about staying relevant, professional and packing the room just like it always has.

Cmdr. Ross

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That whole post it on some internet site seems to me to be the ultimate play for exposure deal. No?
Yes, unless you're using it to show bars & venues why they should book you.
These days, you can just share a link to a YT clip, they can hear a few songs & see if you're worth the price.


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Yep we had a small group off shoot from civic orchestra and big band of just piano, stand up bass, me and a singer (sometimes a trumpet and sax) so we always did the free promo appearances at art shows, and cultural events.The orchestra conductor would always speak about the larger groups. It was fun actually.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Sometimes you play for free if you didn't planm to.

I have a gig 14 years ago where I was sent half of my fee and never got the rest and abother one over 6 years ago where I received nothing. We're talking thousand in late fees at this point and the real sad part is that those who are responsible are people I used to call friends. These were not club gigs, but large shows arranged by the city. No corruption in little Norway? Well, just a little bit.


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That was me once, the company I worked for had the "brilliant" idea of getting dozens of us to team build by painting back doors, building street furniture, planting flowers etc in a rundown area of a city. Not only did I not want to do it in the first place but it was galling having people who'd let their properties fall into disrepair coming out and pointing out where someone had missed a bit when the work we'd put in had improved the area ten fold.

Similar experience here. I was a middle level manager. The company execs thought it was a good idea if all of us would volunteer our time to help refurbish a house for an "under-privileged" person.

We (my employees and I) busted butts for three days on our own time. The recipient of our generosity only showed up ONE TIME. She waddled around for 30 minutes and left. She didn't lift a finger to help. I was so pissed. I contacted upper management and articulated my grievance. Nothing ever came of it. I told them that the three days I worked for this undeserving charity would be considered work days with the company and I told them I would not be coming to work for the next 3 days. Same thing with my subordinates. It worked. Nobody ever called me on it.

From the start, I was highly suspect. In the end, I knew that the "welfare class" is hopelessly lazy and stupid. There's nothing you can do for them. They are inherently lazy, unproductive, stupid and self-destructive. The best thing you can do is keep your distance.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Well, I'm currently on welfare. To anyone with half a brain I'd kill that argument pretty quickly. Sometimes there are good reasons.


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Well, I'm currently on welfare. To anyone with half a brain I'd kill that argument pretty quickly. Sometimes there are good reasons.
I think (and hope) that he was referring to those who choose to work the system instead of just working. There are lots of people like yourself who use it as it's intended.