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Thanks Wildbill...ya...i really slow down on my mini drum building,Due to my finger joint and hand feel pain and uncomfortable after completed my drum project(those day,i don't even have this problem......may be i am getting old hahahaha)and it take about 2 weeks to recover(one of me old friend who is Guitar maker also have this problem....he told me is very normal).Last year i was facing some health issue(1)Urine blood(2)spend 2 nights in Hospital....due to Mild-stroke(lucky,when my son send me to Hospital.....i try to move my fingers and legs...yea.....it still can move..mean i still can play and build drum after i came up from the hospital).Have to take Medicine and visit my doctor every 4 months! i cut down on perfroming now...but i am more on my keyboard composing songs for new singers to sing(she will write her own lyrics)all the drum/percussion track still done by me...which i am enjoying now.Those video that i share are all taken during 3 months lock down time.Can't go out(police/Army here and there road block,checking etc)that's how i try to keep positive and have some fun for myself to play drum just using anything from the house.Last 2 weeks i just redo my Mondo Snare again......my next project may be Mondo Kick!!!! hahaha.Once again...thanks everyone here.Take care and keep on drumming.
Sorry to hear about your health problems, but good that you're OK.
It's bad enough just having all the Corona virus stuff to deal with.
There's almost nothing going on around here in my area of the US.
Your videos show that it doesn't take much to get usable sounds if you've got a bit of creativity to go along with it.
Here's to hoping for better times in the future.