Just F.O. 2016!!!!! R.I.P Rick Parfitt


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Yet more sad news.

Sadly, many of our 'classic' rock stars are now coming to an age when this type of story will become more commonplace...


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It's sad when artists die. Condolences.

I wonder if someone has phoned his ex-wife yet.

(Anyone that knows Rick will get this joke)


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Sorry about the death.. BUT.. your applauding avatar on top of the post kinda cracked me up....


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I could make a joke about a guy that I used to know who was a rigger for Quo for about ten years. I'll hold off though.

Sad to see him go. Never been a particular Quo fan but I know there are those out there that are absolute die-hards and it's not hard to see why. If you want a good time and a boogie, Quo were perfect and Parfitt was a huge part of that. Farewell.