Just Drums???


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Hey.. I am planning to purchase a new Taye Rock Pro kit this coming February and saw that Just Drums has got some pretty great pricing. I was wondering if anyone could weigh in as to their experience with Just Drums..



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If it is Justdrumsonline.com, Shane is a member of the forum. He's not around often as his business has boomed to the point of moving to a larger store. I have dealt with him a few times and he and his staff are great to work with. No worries there.


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Pearly, you buy more kits than Bo Eder! ;)

You won't have a problem with Just Drums.
I have bought there several times.
They do have some good prices sometimes.
I always look there when I am searching for something.


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Thanks GD.. I appreciate the input.

Yep.. I love buying and playing different kits.. I own 4 right now.. soon to be 5.
My Tayes are my faves!