Just came back from lamb of god's concert


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Best day ever!!!!!
Moshing,headbanging and awesomeness=LAMB OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They played everything perfectly.
Guitarists were perfect
bass was perfect
vocals were perfect
and chris adler was a machine

It was the best and most awesome concert !!! :)


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I have never seen them live, but I'm sure it awesome! I love the motivation I get from going to live shows. It rejuvinates me. Next month I'll be at Rockstar Mayhem Festival!

Dj magic d

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Chris Adler is amazing. I saw Lamb of God perform at Rams Head live in Baltmore, Md on the Sacrament tour......Chris was flawless. Absolutely amazing. It was cool being able to see down over the drumkit from the second floor of the arena, too.
I also saw another great performance a week ago ...Thomas Hakke with Meshuggah at the Filmore in Silver Spring Maryland. Thomas was so tight and brutal....one of the best in the business. Damn I was blown away.