Just Bought My 'First' Drum Kit


Well I've been looking on Classifieds for about 2 or 3 months now, as I've been hoping to find a good deal for a new set of shells for my Kit. I was using my friends set, 'Maxtone', and let's just say, they're horrible.

About 9 years old, rust everywhere, one of the tom holders didn't work, was just a really shitty kit none the less.

Anyway, came across a post a few weeks ago and had been thinking about picking it up, as it seemed to be a really good deal. I had called him, and he said that he's had about 20-30 people call, interested, however no one has come to pick it up. He had tried saving the kit for a week for a guy, and then a weekend for another, neither picked it up. As such, he essentially said, first come, first serve.

With that information I felt it was a sign that I should probably go pick this thing up. Although the add gave almost NO detail in what he was giving, the pictures showed pretty much everything nicely. I ended up talking him down from $475 to $400, here's what I got:

Tama Rockstar Drum Kit
Tama Powerglide Kick Pedal
Tama Heavy Duty Double Braced 3 Legged Hi Hat Stand
Tama Heavy Duty Snare Stand
Tama Heavy Duty Boom Cymbal Stand
Tama Heavy Duty Straight Cymbal Stand
Gibralter Heavy Duty Straight Cymbal Stand
Gibralter Heavy Duty Throne
22" Bass Drum, 13" Tom, 14" Tom, 16" Floor Tom
Tama Snare
19" Zildjian Z Custom Rock Crash
16" Avedis Zildjian A Custom Crash
16" K Thin Dark Crash
14" Planet Z Hi-Hats
8" Avedis Zildjian Brilliant A Splash

He had described everything in good condition on the phone, but I didn't realize he meant it. This kit has BARELY been used. Original Skins had almost no wear what-so-ever, I see more use than this on display kits at drum stores.

Apparently he bought it for his son a few years ago, he used it for a week, gave up, and it's been sitting in his garage ever since. His wife told him she wanted it out of the house ASAP, so he was somewhat desperate to sell it.

The one downside is the Snare is an absolute piece of shit, however I've got a half decent Pearl one I had been using previously that I'm just gonna continue to use, so no biggy.

In the past 24 hours I've had this kit, I've shown it more use than it's previous owner of 2+ years.

Anyway, enough of the TL;DR post, here's a picture of my first ever kit (I say first ever since everything in this is mine, any previous setups I've had, I've had to borrow friends Cymbals/Toms and what not). The 14" Planet Z Hi-Hats have been replaced by my Zildjian ZBT's, and the only other additions to the drumset I just bought is the Double Kick and the 18" ZBT China.

Well, what do you guys think, did I get a good deal?


You got a very awesome deal! That is a fantastic price for all that great gear! Great cymbals, some excellent hardware and a solid kit that can do anything you'd want. even the heads look serviceable! Now you got to get a collection of snare drums since you saved so much money. :)

Congrats on your new drumkit!


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The only thing you might need to do with those are replace those Planet Zs and the heads and you'll be in business... I had a set of Rockstars and they were great drums, I just had an 8 piece kit I couldn't handle so I sold it and scaled down my kit with a set of drums I liked a little better.

Awesome purchase.


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You got a great deal,rockstars can be made to sound really good with quality heads and tuning,and they are well built sturdy long lasting kits.the cymbals alone street price used would be close to 400.00 After you get used to hearing the a custom k and a zils you might decide you want to upgrade to some a zil new beat hats,those can be found used for 125.00 150.00 Depending on what you play the z custom rock crashes can double as decent ride /crash rides.