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Yes. No one in audience will care. The band's logo is more important than the size of kick drum the substitute drummer is playing. I grew up in 60's/ 70's listening to Zeppelin. I had all their vinyl albums. I lived in LA. I played drums in high school. But I had no idea at the time what size his kick drum was. It's only after I became old and OCD and more spending money that I learned the specifics. 99.9 % of the audience for this show will not care or have any idea of size of bass drum matching what Bonham played. And they won't pay attention to how the kick sounds - it's just a bass drum, man. They'll pay attention to singer and lead guitar and the cool light show.

I'd be more worried about what tempo they play songs, how they start and end songs, stops, etc. than I would size of my kick drum. Playing over stops, missing fills, and generally not fitting in with a group I'm subbing into are a whole lot more important.

If my wife wasn't married to a drummer she'd never pay attention to any drummers. No one does except other drummers.

What's the point in having a bunch of drum kits if you're put off by a request like this?

It's a covers band, you're covering a bunch of artists so things like gear specificity have to go out the window. The 26" is only applicable to a fraction of the set, while marketing the band and getting more gigs applies to the whole set. In the end, nobody in the bar will notice or care if a Zep song is played with a 22" kick... but they just might notice the band's name on the front, and they might come check the band out again next time the bar books them.


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Or... have their 22” reso w. Logo removed, clip 3 heavy duty paper clamps evenly spaced to that head and use string or rubber bands to attach to your 26” reso lugs. Presto, done!


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in a situation like this, if you are just the "one off" guy, I don't think I would worry about things being "authentic"...if it is something that might become regular, then you might want to bring that up

I have had many jazz gigs where I wanted to use my old Ludwig kit, but the job didn't allow for it, so I played what was there...which was usually a pile 'o crap...but the leader was not looking for "authentic"

funny that many times the leader is playing some thing that is true to the style - guitar, trumpet etc - and would die bbefore they playe somethign else...but drums, to most people/non-drummers, are just "furniture"


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I gear share all the time and end up playing on tons of different kits at gigs and house kits.. Some are freaking great, some are awful. I'm usually just happy that I don't have to haul my drums and set them up. The times I do supply my own kit I couldn't imagine lugging a 26 around. At the end of the day if I am bringing MY kit I'll bring what I want. If someone is supplying it, i'll play what i am given.

If I was getting paid from a different band, sure, I'll aim to please, but I don't see myself swapping out a drumhead for a gig like that. That would take a while to tune and set up and who knows how many years he has had it too.. Maybe something "happened" to your 22 and you can't make it work this weekend lol.

also, nothing wrong with a reference. I bet that kit sound great.