Jumping after fills, or crashes.


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I'm a big guy. Nearly 6'3" and I weight about 300 lbs. I've always had to use a 4 legged, very sturdy stool for a drum throne, because after playing crashes or major fills, I'll thrust up with my legs and feet, losing complete contact with the floor and the stool to catch my crashes. It's not always such a dramatic jump. I guess it depends a lot on where my cymbal placement is. I've seen a few other drummers do this. Does any of you do this? And if so, do you have reasons?


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I don't think there's a good reason other than getting all excited and having it just happen. I take it from several indicators that you're almost as big of a clutch fan as I am... Although JP used to do the little jumps back when... I haven't seen him do that much anymore.

Do what you gotta in order to get into it, I always say.


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Sometimes on the last crash of an energetic ending there is space between my butt and the Roc n Soc. It happens from time to time. I don't stand up though.


I use a broken computer chair with the pnumatic high adjustment, so I tend to bounce with the music when I really get into it. I am sorry, I just can't bring myself to spend $70 to $150 on a decent drum stool then I can get really nice chairs with the back broken off for free. :p


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I've seen Brian Blade do this, totally awesome!
I was at a show once and saw Brian 'Da Bomb' Haley doing this, and I was diggin it, but it was more for showmanship I think than anything else. I could tell he was so comfortable doing it, it was just part of his style. But I would try not to focus on it, and maybe even change up your seat height etc. if it bugs you. If it happens naturally, and most importantly doesn't impede your drumming, just let if flow, and be yourself.