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Just finished watching Jost's latest video here on Drummerworld. Damn this guy is impressive! He really manages to keep my attention throughout these 10-minute drum solo performances. Outstanding technique and such a creative way of applying it.

Here's the link to the latest video (his other vids are also worth checking out):

What do you guys think of Jost?


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Jost Nickel - funky groove

Jost Nickel - drumming with German act Jan Delay - posted this transcription and video link on facebook today. I can't help but come back to that video, rewatch it and also mock along best I can (which is lousy, haha) as it's so funky so I thought I'd share. Nice hihat going on - feels hard to me.

Pretty cool to start that song piece by piece, adding more and more musos. And the drummer goes first ;-)

Also, it makes me go and get a cowbell. Or 2, or 3 - as on Claus Hessler's new DVD. I think I'll copy the cowbell placement.

Here's the video:



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Re: Jost Nickel - funky groove

Jost Nickel is a freaking monster. I saw him at the 2010 Montreal Drum Fest and he was one of my favorite.


Re: Jost Nickel - funky groove

This guy is an absolute beast and I could listen to his groove-based solos all day long.

Really looking forward to getting a copy of his book. I have to wait for the English version though, my German has gotten SO rusty!


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Re: Jost Nickel - funky groove

BTW, Jan Delay is currently at #1 position of the German album charts.


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Last week, we had Jost Nickel over in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. I organised four days of clinics, masterclasses, and private lessons with him.

After sitting in on all the lessons & participating in one of the masterclasses, there is only one thing I can say: if he does come to a town near you, make sure you go check him out!

Great groove, fairly simple (but extremely effective) ideas & concepts re playing, orchestrating, etc., great sense of humour - and a nice bloke.

And if you do have questions re Latin or Jazz drumming: he can answer those, too!

Here's a video he did not too long ago for drumeo:



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I've been watching videos of Jost over the last week or so and really enjoy his playing, as well as the sound of his kit, particularly on this video:

As a new owner of a Sonor SQ1 kit, I wanted to try tuning my kit to achieve a similar sound. I found his Tune-Bot settings online, and noticed that he tunes his 12" rack tom fairly high - a C fundamental pitch, three semi-tones higher than a more typical A. So I cranked mine up a bit and I love the sound. Frankly, I don't know what to do with my 10" tom now, since the 12" now has a satisfyingly high voice, yet is louder and punchier than the 10". Maybe I'm turning into a 1-up 2-down guy.

Tunings aside, his playing is incredible, and he is a gifted teacher. Check out his two Drumeo lessons on YouTube.