Jon Theodore Hi-Hat Pattern?


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@ 0:12 in he starts a..I'm not sure how to describe it, kind of a shuffle on the hi-hat? I want to decipher this pattern. I hear a few accents that I'm having trouble envisioning. He lays one accent and then lays two more back to back. It's pretty clear but I'm pretty clueless on how to break this down. Thanks for any input!


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He's playing six notes to the beat and accenting certain ones. The multiple dynamics of the high hat part make it really groove. He's playing around with 2 over 3, or rather, 4 over 6. Sweet groove. Thanks for sharing!


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Sounds to me like it's:

The italicized letters represent where he opens the hats slightly. Of course, he changes it up when it segues to the next section.


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6 years later, i'm wondering what stuff you are talking about... The video was deleted...

I guess it's on missing chromosome ?

Is it at the beginning of roulettes dares, at the big day out 2004, just after cicatriz ?

Or is it on frances the mute ?

Jon Theodore is definitely my favorite drummer. I just found some olds videos of golden, which are very demonstratives for his style.


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Yeah he is so good.

I also like track 7 on De Loused in the Comatorium, whatever it's called.

THe Missing Chromosome stuff is pretty awesome.