Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!


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Well, 82 dates is hardly mind-numbing (as the article states) but that's not the final number anyway, it will be over 100. :)


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Updated tour dates for Jon and Al,

8/24 Sandy Amphitheater - Salt Lake City, UT
8/26 AVA Amphitheater - Tucson, AZ
8/29 The Masonic - San Francisco, CA
8/30-8/31 Harris Center for the Arts - Folsom, CA
9/16 Gallo Center for the Arts - Modesto, CA
9/19 The Greek Theatre - Los Angeles, CA

The Greek Theatre pre-sale will begin 3/24 @ 10am PST.
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Looks like you'll be in my neck of the woods in Cary and Charlotte NC and Atlanta, GA so I'm hoping to catch one of the shows. Awesome


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I don't have the OZ dates yet, but I'll guess October/November.


Just read this whole thread. Wow!
Thank you Bermuda.

Thank you to all the posters with the excellent questions.


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G'day Bermuda!,
How did you get the gig with "Weird Al",
& what's he like off-stage? ,
Can't wait&look forward to the Oz tour later this year! :),
Are ya gonna do some clinics?.


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In a nutshell, I met Al on the Dr. Demento radio show here in L.A.. He was already a regular 'cast member' with a number of popular songs, and I was being interviewed because some recordings my friends and I made were among the first home-made tapes to be played on the show in the early '70s. It just went from there!

Off stage, Al is pretty normal with little hint that he's an entertainer.

Nobody's asked about clinics, but it depends completely on our schedule, which usually doesn't allow much free time. :(



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G'day from North Warrandyte, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 'Bermuda"!.
Did you enjoy Al's current&recent Australian tour?, any particular capital cities you enjoyed playing to the most?.Did you have some leisure time/time off to 'see the sights"?.