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your dvd still kills most of the others out there for hand technique. thankyou so much for making it.


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I just saw JoJo Saturday at the PAS Percussion Day at Norwin High School here near Pittsburgh. Fantastic day all around. Bunches of workshops and performances by Percussion ensembles, world music, latin and classical players.

Jojo and bassist John Davis drove down from NYC and were the headliners so to speak. Great clinic all around featured new Nerve material. I talked to both of them quite a bit afterward as well. Both were very approachable and answered lots of questions. Told them both I really would like to see the full band live one of these days. Listening to their albums really does not tell the whole story at all. It's like a new approach jazz really...the way he opens up and just goes for it live with this material.


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I wish that Jojo would start playing funk-fusion again. The stuff he did with screaming headless torsos and john medeski is legendary.


Hey everyone,

Just wanted to drop in and let you know that we put up a new video on youtube and vimeo! It is some footage from our most recent recording session for our 2nd EP, which will be released May 16th at we are playing a gig at Le Poisson Rouge that night, and will be giving out free download cards to the first 100 people! The night starts at 9pm, and we'll hit at midnight...

anyway, video is here:




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He was using both when I saw him play in a clinc recently with John his bass player. Depending on the type of sound and impact level he switched between traditonal and matched and sometimes used the butt end of the stick. Which goes to show exactly why you should never get too wrapped up in either grip while shutting out the other....they both have their uses.

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I know he did a lot of jazz stuff (Depart is great!), so probably resos a third above the batters or something melodic like that.