Joining two bass drums for depth.

Hello everyone, I've been away from the site for a long time ( new baby and other obligations have kept me busy ) point is, there may have been a post that has already covered my question but I would have missed it. My question is this, I have two bass drums that are each 22" deep and I would like to join them so I had one bass drum that would then be 44" deep. Please keep in mind that I understand about the delay in sound due to air push and so forth but I want to do this for video/photo purpose rather then for live playing. I can't do anything to the outside of the shell as I need to have the drum stained so there fore duct tape ( lol ) is out of question. Please know I really wasn't considering using duct tape I was merely using that as an explanantion to suggest that I need the drum surface to remain true. As always I do so appreciate any advice that's offered. Thank you in advance. Jamie


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I had a pair of 22X30 bass drums, I joined 2 drum shells together to achieve that depth, What I did was line the 2 shelle up, On end so the round head would be facing up. Remove the lugs/casings on the front of one shell and back of the other so the 2 parts of the shells facing each other have no lugs. Cut 4, 6, or 8 slats (About 2" wide by 1" deep) appx 10" long. Line up the slats where the lug holes are and mark them. Then drill the slats and attach to the drums via carriage bolts, lock washers and nuts through the lug mounting holes. If you want to change them back, simply remove the slats and replace the lugs. You'll have a seam but it won't be too visible from a distance.

If they were painted shells, you could cover the seam with wood putty and paint over it. There is a guy on Myspace with a 22X40" kick.

Good luck.