Johnny's DW kit!!!

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I just got this today after months of waiting. I love it!!! Introducing my DW kit, nicknamed "Mojlnir" aka Thor's Hammer! 18x26 bass, 9x13 rack tom, 12x14 & 14x16 floor toms, Tama 6.5x13 snare. More pics to come very soon as I'm still setting up and tuning.


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Sweet kit! I must say I'm suprised that you went with a 14 & 16 for floor toms. Usually you see a 16 & 18 with a 26" kick!

Cymbals specs please? And is that an SSC kit?


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I'll have better more detailed pics up later today. But to answer your questions...

DW gets a LOT of boom out of their toms. I was nervous at first but now am thrilled that I went with 14 & 16 inch toms. They sound INCREDIBLE. Very deep. Also easier to carry due to a slightly smaller size. They also make the 26" kick look even bigger.

It was a custom ordered Collectors series maple kit. I placed the order in late July and got it 09/30/11. It came out even better than I thought it would. The phone pic I published doesn't really do it justice. The 13" rack tom is a VLT, 14" floor is a X, 16" floor is a VLX, and the bass is standard.

My cymbals are all Zildjian: 14" A Mastersound hi-hats, 20" A ping ride, 18" A projection crash, 16" & 18" Z Custom Crashes (not pictured yet). I'm picking up stands for them today. The snare is a Tama 6.5x13" Metalworks in brushed nickel and it sounds GREAT!

More pics to come soon... and THANKS!!!
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Got to love the black hardware on white. I am a little biased. :) Very fresh looking.