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I wanted to play drums cause all the Big Band jazz cats, John Bohham, Keith Moon, and I preferred Charlie Watts laid back approach. There I said it-I don't know why Ringo gets more accolades than Watts. I just never took to the Beatles-yeah it maybe heresy but just my opinion and it has had no impact on them or anyone else I know-I'm glad for them. The only time I bothered to listen was when I was gigging and we did Beatles songs-I like some now I must say from the experience-which makes me open my horizons to other "crap" music I've mused in past LOL. I'll take you back in time to where I was at in the 60s music wise. Here's my brothers playing in 1966-my eldest brother is playing drums-after my Mom put the brakes on me being out late ( we fought over my kit, he's seven years older, so beat me up and took my drum kit to play my position). My next oldest bro playing lead guitar and wrote the song.
Dang - I really like that song! Add me to the list complimenting your brothers on their performance.



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I read a long article a few months ago that convinced me that Pete Best was dumped because he was the real star of the early Beatles, and that John, Paul, and George resented all the attention he got. The article included pop magazine articles of the time, and they clearly reflected that Best was indeed the one Beatle who was idolized by the girl fans.

We've always been told that Best was dumped because he was not a good drummer, but that's obviously not true. According to the article (I can't find it now, darn it), the blame for Best's firing has been laid at the feet of the record label, but the other three were quite anxious to see Best go.

And, truth be told, the band was made better by Ringo. His style of playing fit perfectly with the group, his persona gelled with the others, and the Beatles would never have been the same without him. In the end, Pete Best simply wasn't the best fit for them.

And, honestly, if it weren't for Ringo, I wouldn't have played drums for the last fifty-plus years. Ringo was THE MAN.

I agree with you, very well said!