Joey Jordison named best drummer of past 25 years


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Jordison's selection as the best drummer in the last twenty-five years was based on the following:
  • The usage of the word 'best' in the poll title. If the word had been 'popular', people who incorrectly avoid the concept wouldn't have voted and the truly popular drummer might not have been chosen.

  • I'm intrigued by this one, but can you clarify? I don't quite get it.

    It seems glaringly obvious that such an unjust result could only be the result of his popularity, not that he's 'the best'.

    I was tempted to report this outrage to the Press Complaints Commission. Rhythm magazine has turned into a horrible rag and should prohibited from sale to children.

Liam _Pearldrummer

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This is a joke , what posessed them to my joey "the best" I admire his drumming but there are so many better drummers than him e.g. Chad Smith Would be my number 1 choice or someone like Dennis Chambers.