Joey Jordison named best drummer of past 25 years


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I'm sure he's a killer drummer and I would love to see him play live, but come on now...BEST DRUMMER OF THE LAST 25 YEARS?!?!?!?

That's a fvcking joke.


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I think you have to admire his ability to find a place in the business and have so many get on board with it. That is a very rare skill and is part of surviving in the profession as best as I can see. And it's not like he can't play. Truthfully he has many commendable skills as a drummer and has obviously touched a positive nerve with many people. He's also /away from the press stuff which I think is mostly staged/ supposedly a very nice guy.

But it's not about anyones obsession with speed as has already been inevitably mentioned here. IMO it's the entire very clever presentation, and man how many years has this been going on now? I would love to have his management team.


Does the lack of other drummers in the top 25 suggest something? It comes as no surprise to me that the top three drummers in that poll there play relativity heavy stuff (people may contest this on Gavin Harrison). This definitely suggests something about the voters and the audience. I'm actually sorta surprised Harrison was third... nevertheless kudos to them all (note the lack of jazz drummers in that poll?).


I never thought this would happen between us knowledgeable drummers, but i guess those uneducated 15 year olds from youtube found out about this poll.

I would rather have a broken china slice my throat than to even put the words "good drummer" and "Joey Jordison" in the same sentence. But i kind of just did, so does anyone have a broken china laying around?

This is enough proof to me that the world will end in 2012 :[


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Joey is a good drummer however the voting was heavily pushed on the the slipknot facebook page.


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Though i respect Joey and SlipknoT a lot; - actually enough acknowledge SlipKnoT as one of my favorite bands i dont think Joey is the best. But im happy he got the award though i could see several others more capable.


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Polls like that are like politics, populism wins. Nothing to be really angry about. It's not Jordison's fault, he has done his job well. Even though he's not anywhere near my favourite drummer I know it's just the way these kinds of polls work on the internet.


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I think these drummers are just drummers that people have heard of. It's no use being the best drummer in the world on one of these polls if no-one has heard of you!

Swiss Matthias

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I like how he beat out that Gavin guy there, his double bass and single stroke rolls definitely show more skill than Gavin's polythingys and over-whatevering.
How can single stroke rolls with feet or hands show more skill than great control over time, pulse and more complex patterns? I'd rather think you just like the first better, which is fine, but don't confuse taste with ability.


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How can single stroke rolls with feet or hands show more skill than great control over time, pulse and more complex patterns? I'd rather think you just like the first better, which is fine, but don't confuse taste with ability.
Matthias, I think you've been stung :)

Swiss Matthias

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I sense far too much Jordison hate going on here.
Considering all the posts before you in this thread, this was an unnecessary exaggeration (by far) and a sad use of such strong words, which can turn a relatively peaceful thread into one of these bashing and fireing ones.
JPW said:
Polls like that are like politics, populism wins.
Pollyanna said:
I liked his band's rendition of Girl from Ipanema.
Where did you find that, Pollyanna?


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Wow, you must have the fastest single stroke keyboard roll on the planet!!!
Haha, I'm built for comfort, not speed ... self-taught typist, three fingers only, about 50wpm ... a similar approach to my drumming, really ... wrong technique and not very fast :)

Many years ago I would do fill-ins for a restaurant band that used to play Girl from Ipanema. It was sooo dire lol


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Don't hate him just because a million 13 year olds feel obligated to say that he's the best in the world all over YouTube comments.

Well, that sounds like the perfect reason to hate him :)

I like to think that the editorial staff at Rhythm magazine die a little inside every time they compile polls like this.


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This is what i love about music. It's so objective. What is good to one person is garbage to another. Congrats to Joey, I'm not a fan of his though. In fact i like speed metal about as much as i like a knife piercing my aorta, but i don't hate him because of the stuff he plays. Joey is VERY good at doing what he does and he and slipknot have tons of fans so who am i to judge. When i was younger and learning drums, i idolized Neil Peart. To me, he was the best thing since sliced bread. He was fast and accurate and his nickname was "the professor". I argued with a friend of mine in school over who was better, Neil or Tony Williams.......... Then one day, i actually HEARD Tony played and i was changed forever. The thing is, Neil Peart is an AWESOME rock drummer and the perfect guy for Rush. Joey Jordison is an AWESOME metal drummer and perfect for slipknot. Tony Williams, Buddy, Steve Gadd, Jojo, etc are great at jazz, session and studio work. Every drummer has their niche and if they can excel in it then that's great!

I've always tried to take influence from ALL music. Even stuff that i don't like. I just have always thought that diversity is the key. Not only to drumming, but to life. Hell, my "stuff i'm listening to now" playlist on the ipod has some Alan parsons, Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Biggie smalls, Blood Sweat & Tears, Kings Of Leon, Clutch, Metallica, Robin Trower, Radiohead, MGMT, Gorillz, Chuck Mangione, Gerry Rafferty, Moe, and the Foo Fighters. I've watched some of jordisons vids on youtube and thought "i need to learn double bass". I've listed to some old country stuff and thought "i need to learn to play the same kick/snare/hi-hat groove -with brushes- for 4 and half minutes". Not because i want to play like them, or to play those songs inparticular, but because i want to increase my repertoire. Now, i have no idea if Jordison can play some jazz. He might be an AWESOME jazz player, we've just never heard it because he doesn't play it. Gadd might just be able to destroy on a heavy speed metal song, but i've never heard him play it! we've all read interviews with drummers and other musicans who get on the tour bus and listen to music of completely differant genres then what they play. I think that's pretty cool.

Anyways, I have no idea why i just rambled on. lol. Have a good day!


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I'm no 15 year old and I like Joey's playing. I think he plays his role well in his group it fits for what the group does. And I'm sorry but all the Jojo love I find hilarious. I can name several people in my immediate area who are way more knowledgeable then he is. Look into the drumcorps world.